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Login Issues

First Time Login FAQ

  1. How do I create an account?

    Your account can only be created by managers/supervisors. Please contact your manager/supervisor if you need to take trainings for your job but do not already have an account on the training portal.

  2. I have an account, how do i set up or reset my password?

    Click on the “Forgot password?” button in the login box. Provide your email address in the next page and click the button “Send password reset email”. Look for an email with a password reset link. Please note that this email might be in your spam folder.


  3. The activation link in the Welcome Email expired, how do i login?

    Please use the “Forgot password” function to set up your password.


  4. Why are my username and password not working?

    If you received the error message “Username could not be found”, that means you do not have an account on the system yet. Please contact your supervisor to create an account for you.

    If you received the error message “Invalid credentials”, you have input an incorrect password. Please try again with a correct password, or reset your password.


  5. How can i get help?

    You may reach out to if you have further questions.

    You may also click on the “Contact Us” button to initiate an email template to that address.